Lock Picking Is Not Just For Burglars: What You Should Know

When you think of lockpicking, odds are the image of burglars entering your home comes to mind. While this is the most popular idea of lockpicking, there are a lot of unique uses for this skill. If you’re ever locked out of your home, are looking to pick up a new hobby, or you’ve just joined the locksmith industry, you’re going to want to know a little more about lockpicking sets.

Here are a few tips you should consider when it comes to lockpicking tools:


Lockpicking usually falls into the spectrum of something called physical bypass. Bypassing usually takes advantage of a flawed design. Specifically, when it comes to lockpicking, bypassing the door means you are using innovation to get around a faulty mechanism.

Though lockpicking does indeed have a negative connotation, experts in the field would agree that lockpicking has a subtle elegance to it. Being able to artfully maneuver or navigate through the lock, and to do it under a certain time frame, is quite impressive. It’s also beneficial under certain circumstances, like losing your house keys.


There is a common misconception that lockpicking is illegal. This is rightfully due to the fact that it can be used to enter someone else’s premises without permission. Lockpicking has proven quite popular in the life of burglars and criminals, which adds to the issues many people have with its legal implications.

It is important to consider that although lockpicking is indeed legal, it should not be taken advantage of. You should never pick a lock for illegal purposes or own a lock pick set for crime purposes. Lockpicking can be a hobby, it can be used to open your home door, and as a locksmith tool. It should never be used to trespass in any areas that you do not have permission to enter.

As long as you are not attempting to illegally enter someone’s premises, in most states, you can legally carry, own, and use lock picking tools. There are some states, however, that may give your problems, and may consider your ownership of these tools as evidence of criminal intent. Make sure you are aware of which states allow for owning lockpick tools.


The most common lock picking tools include tension wrenches and pick rakes. The pick rakes are usually made up of various ridges, which enables you to pick several pins (or lock mechanisms) at a time.

The tension wrench is the most important component in successfully picking a lock. As you’re raising the pin sets with your pick rakes, you will need to apply some tension on the plug. If you are putting the right amount of force on the plug, some of the pins will pass what is known as the shear line. Once this happens, the plug will rotate.

Then, when you take the pick out, the key pin will drop down. The driver pin will catch the edge of the plug and end up staying on top of the shear line. Bingo! You’ve just lockpicked your door. Give your lock pick set a hand.

There you have it! Everything you need to know about lockpicking and lockpicking sets. Whether you forgot or lose your keys, enjoy lockpicking as a hobby, or just joined a locksmith company, remember to get the right tools and know your stuff. Make sure that it is legal in your state, purchase the correct lockpicking set, and you’re ready to become a lockpicking expert. Browse through our entire collection now.

Super Nausea – The New Self Defense Trend

Rumor has it that sonic nausea is the new self defense trend that will change everything. Typically manufactured by a military tactical supply company, sonic nausea devices are used to protect yourselves against potential thieves and attackers without the need for guns or knives. These are small, but powerful tools that are quite efficient and easy to keep on you at all times. Here is what you should know:


Sonic nausea devices go by many different names. Sometimes called sound cannons, ultrasonic sound devices, and high frequency sound generators, these tools use sound to injure potential attackers. Most of these weapons are so powerful that they are used by the military and police only. When activated, sonic nausea devices can disrupt or even destroy the eardrums, leading to immense pain, imbalance, and the ability to incapacitate a person. If you’re thinking of purchasing a personal high frequency sound generator, it will likely have less power than military models. Still, any attacker or robber will experience some very nasty effects.


Around the 1990s, low-range acoustic devices known as LRADs were created. They were made to control crowds of people and prevent them from doing physical damage. Police officers would trigger these sound cannons, which would then send a loud and painful sound over a wide range and make people quickly leave the area. One of the most powerful high frequency sound generators ever made was called the ‘Mosquito.’ The ultrasonic sound produced by the Mosquito was so high-pitch that it could be heard by teenagers, but could not be heard by adults. This is because your ability to hear higher pitched sounds degrades with age. Infrasonic devices surprisingly don’t need to be heard for them to work. At around the same time LRADs were created, the US military, along with other private companies, started doing a lot of research to develop sonic nausea devices. They were able to develop an infrasonic device that would cause behavior changes at very low frequencies. No one was able to hear the sound, but it still had an impact on them. Just like infrasound, ultrasound devices are not audible. Yet with ultrasound devices, the frequency is too high for humans to hear. This type of high frequency sound generator still remains a mystery, as the way this device functions is largely unknown. These ultrasonic sound weapons can be challenging to use, and are not the best choice for personal use.


If you own a high frequency sound generator, or sound cannon, it is important that you act responsibly. Remember that you own a device that can potentially damage one’s eardrums, and cause great pain to an individual. Of course, if you’re directing this device at an attacker for self-defense purposes, then it’s a whole different story. Unfortunately, individuals who own this self defense gadget do not only use it for protection. Some may use this sonic nausea device as a toy. Make sure that you only use ultrasonic sound devices when necessary and that you do not use them to play “a joke” on someone. With all the self defense devices available on the market, you have many choices. However, if you want a powerful and small tool that will help you escape any attack with ease, this is a great option. If you’re looking for something more subtle, like a self-defense keychain or pepper spray, you can browse all of our options.

Self Defense Keychains – The Tiny Tools That Pack a Punch

No one wants to be a victim of an attack. Although we never expect it to happen to us, we shouldn’t take the risk of being unprepared. Whether you end up in a dark alley after a wild party, are walking alone to your car, or are simply heading home from an event, you should always be equipped with a self defense tool to stay safe.

You know the saying that small things can pack quite a punch? We took this to heart at Self Defense Superstore and have a lot of great ways to ensure you’re safe and protected. All it takes are these tiny tools:


Made from ultra-sturdy plastic material, this keychain is an ideal and convenient tool to defend yourself in case of an attack. You simply hook this keychain to your home or car keys without it ever being noticed by the potential perpetrator. If ever attacked, the Wild Kat provides a painful and drastic blow when the attacker attempts to act, giving you a window to escape. The few extra minutes this keychain will give you can save your life. Don’t take the risk and get your self defense keychain now!


If you want to take your self defense to the next level, owning pepper spray is definitely your go-to. Molded into a key ring, this self defense keychain is not only convenient and easily accessible, but it’s powerful. Half an ounce of this hot spray will give you a solid window for an escape. You also have the option of twisting and locking it when put away, so that there are no accidents (and so you don’t spray your best friend, or yourself!).

These keychains are also customizable. Love pink? More into purple? These pepper spray keychains are offered in almost every color, and even comes in different types of kits. You can go for a single pepper spray, a jogger spray, or perhaps the personal protection pack.


It may be tempting to convince ourselves that we really don’t need a self defense weapon, and that such situations won’t ever happen to us. But, what if they do? It’s better to be safe than sorry no matter what the circumstance. Don’t take this risk of leaving yourself undefended, and give yourself the peace of mind that you are safe wherever you are. Self defense keychains are convenient, safe, and affordable. There isn’t a reason not to carry one with you at all times.

Tiny tools that you can keep handy in your bag or even pockets can save your life. This is not an understatement. A potential attacker may just want your car keys, but they may not hesitate to hurt you if necessary. Aside from carrying these self defense keychains, make sure that you are aware at all times, and that you pay attention to your surroundings. If you feel like you are followed, or are skeptical of a certain individual, keep a large distance. If you find them getting closer, make sure to reach into your bag or pocket and be prepared.

We’re here to make sure that happens! Browse all of our self defense products now and give yourself the gift of peace of mind.

Self Defense For Adolescents

Did you know that children are the future? Well, adolescents are the very near future! Adolescents, often also known as teens and tweens, may look the same size as adults, but are still very much like children. In this era of unsafe schools and an even unsafer world, everyone should seek to protect and preserve themselves.

This holds true for adolescents. As these youngsters grow up and mature, they are more likely to want to go out and meet their peers to enjoy good times. Danger can present when we least expect it, in both public and private places, and it pays to be prepared for whatever life throws at you.


There are endless choices in today’s market for self-defense products. The possibilities are almost endless, so it can be quite overwhelming to find the product that most adequately matches your needs. Luckily, Self Defense Superstore offers a quick and easy way to obtain products that help you protect yourself.

You can try the Heatwave Pepper Spray, which is made from super hot cayenne peppers that will burn the assailant. The spray is effective for up to a 15-foot distance. It is small enough to be used as a keychain, and each canister holds 40 one-second shots.

How about a cute Wild Kat or Wild Dog Keychain for the teens who care about self-defense without wanting to sacrifice their sense of style? The keychains come in a variety of colors and will help your teen in a tight situation. When aggressors are too close for comfort, a surprise blow with one of these keychains can make them back off.


It is a fact that tasers are safe to own, legal to carry, and easy to use. This makes them ideal for staying safe in schools. Tasers come equipped with an LED light that will aid the user’s vision in low light situations. A laser sight ensures that only the correct target will be hit by a shock that will immobilize them for 30 seconds.

Another option to consider is a Mace Pepper Gun 2.0 with strobe LED, which can keep an attacker as far as 20 feet away. The LED light comes in handy to see the assailant, and it is also bright enough to disorient an attacker. Replacement cartridges are easy to load.

Self Defense Superstore offers several information guides that will help you learn all you need to know about online safety for children, stranger danger in public, and more. You are also welcome to browse our collection.