Super Nausea – The New Self Defense Trend

Rumor has it that sonic nausea is the new self defense trend that will change everything. Typically manufactured by a military tactical supply company, sonic nausea devices are used to protect yourselves against potential thieves and attackers without the need for guns or knives. These are small, but powerful tools that are quite efficient and easy to keep on you at all times. Here is what you should know:


Sonic nausea devices go by many different names. Sometimes called sound cannons, ultrasonic sound devices, and high frequency sound generators, these tools use sound to injure potential attackers. Most of these weapons are so powerful that they are used by the military and police only. When activated, sonic nausea devices can disrupt or even destroy the eardrums, leading to immense pain, imbalance, and the ability to incapacitate a person. If you’re thinking of purchasing a personal high frequency sound generator, it will likely have less power than military models. Still, any attacker or robber will experience some very nasty effects.


Around the 1990s, low-range acoustic devices known as LRADs were created. They were made to control crowds of people and prevent them from doing physical damage. Police officers would trigger these sound cannons, which would then send a loud and painful sound over a wide range and make people quickly leave the area. One of the most powerful high frequency sound generators ever made was called the ‘Mosquito.’ The ultrasonic sound produced by the Mosquito was so high-pitch that it could be heard by teenagers, but could not be heard by adults. This is because your ability to hear higher pitched sounds degrades with age. Infrasonic devices surprisingly don’t need to be heard for them to work. At around the same time LRADs were created, the US military, along with other private companies, started doing a lot of research to develop sonic nausea devices. They were able to develop an infrasonic device that would cause behavior changes at very low frequencies. No one was able to hear the sound, but it still had an impact on them. Just like infrasound, ultrasound devices are not audible. Yet with ultrasound devices, the frequency is too high for humans to hear. This type of high frequency sound generator still remains a mystery, as the way this device functions is largely unknown. These ultrasonic sound weapons can be challenging to use, and are not the best choice for personal use.


If you own a high frequency sound generator, or sound cannon, it is important that you act responsibly. Remember that you own a device that can potentially damage one’s eardrums, and cause great pain to an individual. Of course, if you’re directing this device at an attacker for self-defense purposes, then it’s a whole different story. Unfortunately, individuals who own this self defense gadget do not only use it for protection. Some may use this sonic nausea device as a toy. Make sure that you only use ultrasonic sound devices when necessary and that you do not use them to play “a joke” on someone. With all the self defense devices available on the market, you have many choices. However, if you want a powerful and small tool that will help you escape any attack with ease, this is a great option. If you’re looking for something more subtle, like a self-defense keychain or pepper spray, you can browse all of our options.