Pink and Expandable Baton for Women

One of our most asked about pink products is our Pink Expandable 26″ baton. This pink expandable baton is a popular 3 section expandable and reinforced baton that easily conceals in a purse, carry bag, backpack,  pocket, vehicle or in you home.

This very popular product is great a creating distance between you and your attacker. The baton when expanded creates a very distinct and formable sound which may scare of any attacker, one hit from the end of a baton, will certainly put a hurting on your attacker.

Here are the product specs on the Pink Expandable Baton.

  •  26″

What is All The Rave About The Wild Kat Keychain

It maybe small, yet it is powerful  with the face of a cat. The Wild Kat keychain is light-weight, versatile and will be there when you need it most.

Just slip your fingers  through its eye-holes and now its ears are a non-lethal self-defense tool.

Pointed, sharp, and reinforced,  the Wild Kat keychain will give you the seconds you need to escape a dangerous situation that you did not ask for.

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