Extend/Retract Batons, Composite Batons, KuBatons, and Stun Batons make up the category that is chosen #1 for Non Leathal Defense & Tactics! Where non-lethal force is necessary, it is necessary to have a DEPENDABLE & POWERFUL WEAPON!


~ Instantly expandable with a flick-of-the-wrist, they are easily concealed until you need it. We carry a full range of high-quality, military-grade Batons that can defend against, and even subdue would-be assailants. Browse our selection, you can choose from Foam Handle Batons, Rubber Handled, sizes from 12″ to 32″ expandable batons & T-Handle Police batons. Add with our 23OC! HEATWAVE° pepper spray and you are set yourself up for perfect protection. Also check out our accessories of baton holsters and handcuff baton combo holsters from ASP.

The Trouble with Batons:

If your baton is out and extended, you may have been in a confrontation. Do not collapse the baton and re-holster it if there is still any sort of threat that is not under complete control.

Find out if your baton is an auto-lock or a friction lock. Auto-lock ASP batons are easy to close as long as they are functioning properly as they have a button that you simply depress for the baton to collapse. Friction lock batons are trickier.

‘Wiggle’ the baton from side to side while attempting to collapse it with both hands. In some cases where a friction lock baton has been extended, if it was extended with force, it may be only barely locked. This technique often will close a barely locked ASP.

Stubborn batons need to be impacted against a hard surface to close. When the friction lock ASP baton is extended and won’t collapse with a simple wiggle, ram it forcefully with the tip facing toward the impact point against a hard surface such as a floor or a solid wall. Do this with your offhand so that your strong hand is free if needed to address any possible threats.

Batons that will not close otherwise may have to be withdrawn from the field and tapped along the shaft with a rubber mallet until the friction lock loosens. Be sure not to force the baton closed as this can warp or bend the shaft and damage the tool.


When trying to close the baton by impacting it on a hard surface you may need to try hitting it at a 45-degree angle at the tip against the surface and then rotating the baton. Repeat this rotate-tap, rotate-tap method as needed.


When trying to close the baton against the ground, be sure to only go down on one knee while keeping your head oriented to any possible sources of threat.

NEVER, ever, use any oil on any telescopic baton, it will never close properly.

It may take a sharp downward thrust to close the baton, but usually gets easier as the baton is used.

Its easiest to close the baton on a hard surface like concrete. You should use a piece of cardboard or mat to avoid abrading the tip, but that is up to you.

The harder the surface, the easier it will close when the baton is new. After a while you can close on other surfaces without an issue. Be aware you may mar the surface you are closing the baton on.

Are Expandable Batons a Good Self-Defense Tool

The simple answer yes. One of the key reasons to why a baton make a great self-defense tool is its ability to create distance between you and your attacker. Not only that, an expandable baton, is light, versatile, in-expensive and anybody can carry an expandable baton.

Batons and Stun Batons are the #1 choice of Self Defense weapon where non-lethal force is to be applied. Instantly expandable with a flick-of-the-wrist, they are easily concealed until you need it. We carry a full range of high-quality, military-grade Batons that can defend against, and even subdue would-be assailants. Browse our selection, you can choose from Foam Handle Batons, Rubber Handled, sizes from 12″ to 26″ expandable batons and T-Handle Police batons.

Many police agencies use batons and expandable batons, because they are great in many situations.

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Your Home Safety Plan and Checklist

There are an estimated 3.7 million burglaries every single year. For many people, their home represents safety and tranquility. It is hard to imagine someone forcefully entering your home with bad intentions. You should know that it happens every single day.

Self Defense Superstore can help you out. We offer the finest home security products, but that is only the start. You need to have a plan in place for when the worst happens. A little bit of planning can go a long way.


Before you begin to formulate a plan, it is a good idea to consider your home’s drawbacks. Can someone see valuable electronics from the window? Is the door sturdy and difficult to open? Are bikes safely in a closed garage, or are they out on the street? Would I know someone has entered the house as soon as they stepped in?

If you have spotted any vulnerabilities, it is a good idea to shore them up. A compromised window may need a window alert system, and a door that just won’t stay locked may require a jammer. A roommate or a family member can provide another set of eyes to check for weak spots. You might want to ask them to help.


Your plan should include preventative measures. For example, you can establish who will be checking the doors and windows every night before bed to make sure that they are locked. You and your family should also know who is responsible for setting any alarms before leaving the house.

During a break-in, it is absolutely critical that you have the ability to call 911. Everyone should know where they can locate a phone, and how to dial 911. Cell phones should be kept charged. If you can, try to leave your phone in a single place (and make everyone aware of that fact) so that it can be quickly reached in an emergency.

Someone is at home for around 28% of all burglaries. If someone breaks into your house while you are at home, there is a very simple pattern that you should follow: escape, hide, fight. If the coast is clear, use your phone to contact authorities.

The primary choice should always be to escape. You should go through every room in your house and form a plan on how to get out. Windows, screen doors, and regular doors should be noted. If there are children in the house, you may find it worthy to show them a diagram, with color coded directions on how to get out of the house safely. Many kids are visual learners, so easy-to-follow directions on a map are more effective. You should also establish a meetup point, preferably down the street or at an easily recognizable location, so you have a place to congregate once you have left the house.

The second choice is to hide. If you can’t get out through a window because you are on the fifth floor, or only have one way to enter and exit your house, you are going to want to conceal yourself. Look for closets or bathrooms with locks. If those places do not have locks, learn how to form a barricade from the inside. Heavy objects are very useful in this regard.

The last alternative is to fight. There are many non-lethal alternatives, such as Heatwave Pepper Spray, TASERs, and stun batons. Everyone in the home should be well-versed on the use of these items, to make certain that you do not hurt yourselves. Remember that this is the last option. Most home burglaries do not end with anyone being injured. In fact, only 7.2% of all burglaries have violence involved.


Are all doors and windows secured every night and before leaving the house?
How easy is it to call 911?
Are doors and windows reinforced?
What is the lighting situation like?
Can I store my valuable items in diversion safes?
Do I know the easiest routes of escape?
Does everyone know where to meet after everyone has escaped?
Do I know where to hide in every room of my house?
Am I prepared to fight a burglar?
At Self Defense Superstore, we want to help you out. Check out our Self Defense Blog for more self defense resources, and browse our products for the latest in defense equipment. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

What To Do If You Valentines Date Gets Dangerous

Nearly 25 percent of all women aged 18 and older in the U.S. have been victims of severe physical violence by an intimate partner. Although the dating world is an important part of may young women’s daily lives, it is just as important to know how to defend yourself when things get out of hand.

Whether it’s a date gone wrong or a current partner that’s becoming abusive, having a self-defense accessory will always help. At times, it can even save your life.

Below you’ll find the best tips for keeping safe, especially on Valentine’s Day!


Say you find a good-looking guy on Tinder, who made it to the top of your list. He invites you to get some drinks, and you start really enjoying your time with him…until he starts to get aggressive and impatient.

When walking to his car so he can drop you off home, he starts making advances that are not welcome. In this situation, you need to know how to react so that you are safe. Let us help you out a little bit.


We care about your safety. This is why on this Valentine’s Day, we’ve made a special package for you. We’ve created the ultimate 4-piece protection pack, that will help you with all of your safety needs.

The perfume protector looks like a perfume bottle, yet is specially designed to be discrete and all but invisible to the eye of the perpetrator. It is fully rechargeable, and carries enough power to fully protect you from your attacker.

The Duel Smith Alarm is a must-have for your protection. Just as important as carrying that pepper spray in your purse, this alarm will alert others that you are in a dangerous situation. This alarm is not only small and convenient, but can be easily pressed and immediately bring attention to your situation. Of course, you can attach it straight to your other keychains, and it will fit right in.

Always having a Wild Cat Keychain is critical to your safety. This keychain is low-key one of the most effective weapons out there. This defense weapon will provide a painful and shocking blow to your attacker, giving you a good window of time to escape. This keychain is very light-weight and highly resistant.

A heatwave pepper spray is always the go-to when it comes to self-defense. This heatwave OC-17 pepper spray offers one of the most potent concentrations of pepper spray allowed by law. In fact, these types of sprays are frequently used by police officers. If you are attacked, this spray can be used quickly to spray multiple blasts. The perpetrator will immediately have trouble breathing, and will experience burning skin, coughing, and watery eyes. One of the biggest advantages of this pepper spray is that it is non-lethal.

It’s easy to say that an attack can never happen to you, but the worst could happen to anyone. Whether you’re walking back from a concert, leaving work late, or even heading to your car when leaving a late night out, you may be assaulted.

Having the right self-defense accessories can make all the difference in the world when you need it most. Browse our entire collection now, and always have peace of mind wherever you are. Don’t ruin your Valentine’s Day by worrying about potential threats, when you can slip your weapon in your purse and simply enjoy your worry-free night!

How to Detect Counterfeit Money

There are two ways to detect counterfeit money: 1) by looking at the physical characteristics of the bill, and 2) by scanning the bill through a special lamp designed to detect fake currency.


Counterfeiters may be able to copy one or two security features but definitely not all eight of them. If you know how to check these eight features, you should be able to quickly spot a fake bill.


All denominations of $5 and above that were released since 1996 have this security feature. Under UV light, an authentic bill will glow in its correct color.

$5 – glows blue
$10 – glows orange
$20 – glows green
$50 – glows yellow
$100 – glows pink

An authentic U.S. reserve note should not be smooth. Raised printing can be detected by running your fingernail down the collar/jacket. You should feel an unsmooth texture from the ridges.


Authentic bills are extremely detailed, with super fine lines created by die-cut printing plates. Printers that are often used by counterfeiters often lack this sophistication, making it impossible to duplicate the quality of micro-printing.


An authentic bill will have tiny red and blue threads woven within the fabric. Counterfeiters try to mimic this by printing similar red and blue patterns on the surface of the bill.


The watermark is usually a hologram of the face on the bill. It is located in an unprinted space to the right of the portrait and can be seen from both sides of the bill.

The watermark will be visible when you hold the bill up to the light
The watermark is not printed on the bill but embedded in the paper
The watermark face should match the face on the bill


The security thread is a vertical strip that runs from top to bottom, featuring a micro-printed text spelling out the denomination. For example: on the $5 bill, “USA FIVE” is written on the security thread.


The Department of Treasury has added an extra security feature on the new $100 bill. Down the right middle is a visible 3D security ribbon in blue color.


Make sure the serial number matches the series and year the bill was printed. The first letter of the serial number corresponds to a specific year.


Counterfeit money detectors come in a wide range of styles and prices. Here are some of the most common types, listed from the cheapest and most unreliable to the most accurate and expensive.


For around $5, you can purchase a counterfeit money pen. Fake bills are made of wood-based paper. The iodine solution on the pen will react with the starch on the paper and leave a dark mark. Authentic bills are made of fiber-based paper so there won’t be any marks.

With the arrival of digital printing, counterfeiters have found a way to treat fake bills so they can pass the pen test.


This type of lamp shines ultraviolet light on the bill to verify its UV marks. These images are made of dye that is only visible under UV light.


Watermark lamps are specially designed with light that is capable of displaying watermarks that are invisible to the naked eye.


These counterfeit money detectors identify the magnetic ink and metal threads located on different areas of a banknote.


State-of-the-art counterfeit money detectors are the best way to eliminate fraudulent bills. These machines are fitted with advanced imaging software that can detect multiple security features – including the exact dimensions of a banknote – with 100% accuracy. Any fake bill will automatically be rejected.

Protect your business from financial loss by purchasing a counterfeit money detector and teaching your employees how to check for fake currency. Here at Self Defense Superstore, we have what you need. Browse our products today!

10 Gadget To Keep You Safe On The Road

According to the National Safety Council, road accidents killed more than 40,000 people in 2017. It is the second consecutive year the United States has had fatalities close to this figure.

While carmakers have modernized car safety features to prevent accidents, the death toll remains high. Many of these deaths were preventable if the driver was not speeding, drunk, fatigued or distracted.

Make sure you and your passengers are safe while on the road. Here are some gadgets that you might want to consider investing on!


Have you ever fallen asleep on the wheel? It’s a terrifying feeling, and one that can be avoided with the use of a wearable wake up device. Worn around the forehead like a headband, the U-Wake monitors the electrical pulses in your brain and calculates fatigue level. The U-Wake smartphone app then alerts you as well as your family and friends to keep you awake.


Smart driving assistants monitor your driving habits. Through a small camera installed on your dashboard, the device monitors your lane position, distance from the car in front of you, and other information. It analyzes data in real time and sends visual and audible alerts if there is a potential problem.


Instead of the standard 52° stock mirror, a rearview mirror with 180° field of view shows you all of the vehicles behind you across an entire five-lane highway. This alerts you of adjacent vehicles and reduces the headlight glare of trailing vehicles by 50 percent. It easily clamps to your existing rear view mirror so you don’t have to replace it.


Driving through a crowded street, or parking in reverse, can be difficult. Installing a 360° blind spot mirror widens the viewing angle of your side mirrors. As a result, you will have a clearer view of your surroundings when maneuvering the vehicle.


No matter how thorough you are when it comes to car maintenance, problems do show up – and sometimes, in the worst time possible. Car monitoring apps such as Engie help drivers keep track of the status and health of important parts of a vehicle. When a malfunction is detected, the app alerts the driver immediately. According to its French manufacturer, Engie can diagnose more than 10,000 car faults.


Plugging this transmitter into the OBD-II port of your car blocks phone signals so you won’t be able to send text messages, access emails, make phone calls, and browse the Internet while the car is moving. It automatically unblocks the signal when the car stops or when a hands-free device is connected to your phone.


In cases of emergency, a small escape tool can be a lifesaver. This clever little keychain works two ways. First, it is a stainless steel hammer that can break window glass when needed. Second, it is a razor-sharp blade that lets you cut the seat belt in case you are stuck.


Tire manufacturers highly recommend that car owners check the pressure at least once a week. Low tire pressure increases the chance for puncture, loss of traction, and vehicles going wayward. Digital tire gauges are designed to measure pressure instantly. Some devices offer multiple monitoring that also checks temperature and battery voltage.


In order to stay safe on the road, you need to protect yourself at all times. If your car breaks down, or you get a flat, it’s important to be aware and alert. In case a carjacker was to give you a hard time, pepper spray allows time for escape.


Go all out for a discounted price, with a car safety kit that has everything you could ever need for protection or an emergency. A collection assembled with pepper spray, a first aid kit, and 3-in-1 emergency auto escape tool, you will never be unprepared.

Lock Picking Is Not Just For Burglars: What You Should Know

When you think of lockpicking, odds are the image of burglars entering your home comes to mind. While this is the most popular idea of lockpicking, there are a lot of unique uses for this skill. If you’re ever locked out of your home, are looking to pick up a new hobby, or you’ve just joined the locksmith industry, you’re going to want to know a little more about lockpicking sets.

Here are a few tips you should consider when it comes to lockpicking tools:


Lockpicking usually falls into the spectrum of something called physical bypass. Bypassing usually takes advantage of a flawed design. Specifically, when it comes to lockpicking, bypassing the door means you are using innovation to get around a faulty mechanism.

Though lockpicking does indeed have a negative connotation, experts in the field would agree that lockpicking has a subtle elegance to it. Being able to artfully maneuver or navigate through the lock, and to do it under a certain time frame, is quite impressive. It’s also beneficial under certain circumstances, like losing your house keys.


There is a common misconception that lockpicking is illegal. This is rightfully due to the fact that it can be used to enter someone else’s premises without permission. Lockpicking has proven quite popular in the life of burglars and criminals, which adds to the issues many people have with its legal implications.

It is important to consider that although lockpicking is indeed legal, it should not be taken advantage of. You should never pick a lock for illegal purposes or own a lock pick set for crime purposes. Lockpicking can be a hobby, it can be used to open your home door, and as a locksmith tool. It should never be used to trespass in any areas that you do not have permission to enter.

As long as you are not attempting to illegally enter someone’s premises, in most states, you can legally carry, own, and use lock picking tools. There are some states, however, that may give your problems, and may consider your ownership of these tools as evidence of criminal intent. Make sure you are aware of which states allow for owning lockpick tools.


The most common lock picking tools include tension wrenches and pick rakes. The pick rakes are usually made up of various ridges, which enables you to pick several pins (or lock mechanisms) at a time.

The tension wrench is the most important component in successfully picking a lock. As you’re raising the pin sets with your pick rakes, you will need to apply some tension on the plug. If you are putting the right amount of force on the plug, some of the pins will pass what is known as the shear line. Once this happens, the plug will rotate.

Then, when you take the pick out, the key pin will drop down. The driver pin will catch the edge of the plug and end up staying on top of the shear line. Bingo! You’ve just lockpicked your door. Give your lock pick set a hand.

There you have it! Everything you need to know about lockpicking and lockpicking sets. Whether you forgot or lose your keys, enjoy lockpicking as a hobby, or just joined a locksmith company, remember to get the right tools and know your stuff. Make sure that it is legal in your state, purchase the correct lockpicking set, and you’re ready to become a lockpicking expert. Browse through our entire collection now.

Super Nausea – The New Self Defense Trend

Rumor has it that sonic nausea is the new self defense trend that will change everything. Typically manufactured by a military tactical supply company, sonic nausea devices are used to protect yourselves against potential thieves and attackers without the need for guns or knives. These are small, but powerful tools that are quite efficient and easy to keep on you at all times. Here is what you should know:


Sonic nausea devices go by many different names. Sometimes called sound cannons, ultrasonic sound devices, and high frequency sound generators, these tools use sound to injure potential attackers. Most of these weapons are so powerful that they are used by the military and police only. When activated, sonic nausea devices can disrupt or even destroy the eardrums, leading to immense pain, imbalance, and the ability to incapacitate a person. If you’re thinking of purchasing a personal high frequency sound generator, it will likely have less power than military models. Still, any attacker or robber will experience some very nasty effects.


Around the 1990s, low-range acoustic devices known as LRADs were created. They were made to control crowds of people and prevent them from doing physical damage. Police officers would trigger these sound cannons, which would then send a loud and painful sound over a wide range and make people quickly leave the area. One of the most powerful high frequency sound generators ever made was called the ‘Mosquito.’ The ultrasonic sound produced by the Mosquito was so high-pitch that it could be heard by teenagers, but could not be heard by adults. This is because your ability to hear higher pitched sounds degrades with age. Infrasonic devices surprisingly don’t need to be heard for them to work. At around the same time LRADs were created, the US military, along with other private companies, started doing a lot of research to develop sonic nausea devices. They were able to develop an infrasonic device that would cause behavior changes at very low frequencies. No one was able to hear the sound, but it still had an impact on them. Just like infrasound, ultrasound devices are not audible. Yet with ultrasound devices, the frequency is too high for humans to hear. This type of high frequency sound generator still remains a mystery, as the way this device functions is largely unknown. These ultrasonic sound weapons can be challenging to use, and are not the best choice for personal use.


If you own a high frequency sound generator, or sound cannon, it is important that you act responsibly. Remember that you own a device that can potentially damage one’s eardrums, and cause great pain to an individual. Of course, if you’re directing this device at an attacker for self-defense purposes, then it’s a whole different story. Unfortunately, individuals who own this self defense gadget do not only use it for protection. Some may use this sonic nausea device as a toy. Make sure that you only use ultrasonic sound devices when necessary and that you do not use them to play “a joke” on someone. With all the self defense devices available on the market, you have many choices. However, if you want a powerful and small tool that will help you escape any attack with ease, this is a great option. If you’re looking for something more subtle, like a self-defense keychain or pepper spray, you can browse all of our options.

Self Defense Keychains – The Tiny Tools That Pack a Punch

No one wants to be a victim of an attack. Although we never expect it to happen to us, we shouldn’t take the risk of being unprepared. Whether you end up in a dark alley after a wild party, are walking alone to your car, or are simply heading home from an event, you should always be equipped with a self defense tool to stay safe.

You know the saying that small things can pack quite a punch? We took this to heart at Self Defense Superstore and have a lot of great ways to ensure you’re safe and protected. All it takes are these tiny tools:


Made from ultra-sturdy plastic material, this keychain is an ideal and convenient tool to defend yourself in case of an attack. You simply hook this keychain to your home or car keys without it ever being noticed by the potential perpetrator. If ever attacked, the Wild Kat provides a painful and drastic blow when the attacker attempts to act, giving you a window to escape. The few extra minutes this keychain will give you can save your life. Don’t take the risk and get your self defense keychain now!


If you want to take your self defense to the next level, owning pepper spray is definitely your go-to. Molded into a key ring, this self defense keychain is not only convenient and easily accessible, but it’s powerful. Half an ounce of this hot spray will give you a solid window for an escape. You also have the option of twisting and locking it when put away, so that there are no accidents (and so you don’t spray your best friend, or yourself!).

These keychains are also customizable. Love pink? More into purple? These pepper spray keychains are offered in almost every color, and even comes in different types of kits. You can go for a single pepper spray, a jogger spray, or perhaps the personal protection pack.


It may be tempting to convince ourselves that we really don’t need a self defense weapon, and that such situations won’t ever happen to us. But, what if they do? It’s better to be safe than sorry no matter what the circumstance. Don’t take this risk of leaving yourself undefended, and give yourself the peace of mind that you are safe wherever you are. Self defense keychains are convenient, safe, and affordable. There isn’t a reason not to carry one with you at all times.

Tiny tools that you can keep handy in your bag or even pockets can save your life. This is not an understatement. A potential attacker may just want your car keys, but they may not hesitate to hurt you if necessary. Aside from carrying these self defense keychains, make sure that you are aware at all times, and that you pay attention to your surroundings. If you feel like you are followed, or are skeptical of a certain individual, keep a large distance. If you find them getting closer, make sure to reach into your bag or pocket and be prepared.

We’re here to make sure that happens! Browse all of our self defense products now and give yourself the gift of peace of mind.

Self Defense For Adolescents

Did you know that children are the future? Well, adolescents are the very near future! Adolescents, often also known as teens and tweens, may look the same size as adults, but are still very much like children. In this era of unsafe schools and an even unsafer world, everyone should seek to protect and preserve themselves.

This holds true for adolescents. As these youngsters grow up and mature, they are more likely to want to go out and meet their peers to enjoy good times. Danger can present when we least expect it, in both public and private places, and it pays to be prepared for whatever life throws at you.


There are endless choices in today’s market for self-defense products. The possibilities are almost endless, so it can be quite overwhelming to find the product that most adequately matches your needs. Luckily, Self Defense Superstore offers a quick and easy way to obtain products that help you protect yourself.

You can try the Heatwave Pepper Spray, which is made from super hot cayenne peppers that will burn the assailant. The spray is effective for up to a 15-foot distance. It is small enough to be used as a keychain, and each canister holds 40 one-second shots.

How about a cute Wild Kat or Wild Dog Keychain for the teens who care about self-defense without wanting to sacrifice their sense of style? The keychains come in a variety of colors and will help your teen in a tight situation. When aggressors are too close for comfort, a surprise blow with one of these keychains can make them back off.


It is a fact that tasers are safe to own, legal to carry, and easy to use. This makes them ideal for staying safe in schools. Tasers come equipped with an LED light that will aid the user’s vision in low light situations. A laser sight ensures that only the correct target will be hit by a shock that will immobilize them for 30 seconds.

Another option to consider is a Mace Pepper Gun 2.0 with strobe LED, which can keep an attacker as far as 20 feet away. The LED light comes in handy to see the assailant, and it is also bright enough to disorient an attacker. Replacement cartridges are easy to load.

Self Defense Superstore offers several information guides that will help you learn all you need to know about online safety for children, stranger danger in public, and more. You are also welcome to browse our collection.