Hello All,

We are now offering Memberships to Our “Members Only” Private Range. (Lake County Florida)

Any and all Ranges around us for MILES know us, and we know them.

If you decide to cause trouble, we will decide to throw you off the property !!! Then we’ll let all the other Owners know your name.

The Rules for our Range are Simple. (Don’t make them complicated)

  1. Your Finger(s) will remain off the trigger at all times you have not decided to safely fire your weapon.
    1. You will be KICKED OFF THE RANGE if you cannot learn this Rule after 1 WARNING (ONE).
    2. You may be allowed to return after having a discussion with the Range Safety Officer.
  2. Always Point Your Firearm in a Safe Direction.
    1. Firearms are to be pointed DOWN RANGE at ALL TIMES.
    2. Firearms are to be pointed downward when traveling (or any other “Gun World” acceptable carrying method / behavior)
  3. Always Keep Your Firearm UNLOADED until You are ready to USE it.
    1. USE” = “DEFENSE” = LOADED (You will Safely handle it as well)
    2. Firearm in STORAGE = UNLOADED !!!
  4. Know Your Target and What MAY BE BEHIND IT.
    1. Your Bullet has NO MERCY / NO MIND.
    2. Know where your Bullet will end up.
  5. Listen to the Range Safety Officer
    1. He or She is a very sensible person, Listen to them
    2. If you do not wish to Listen to him or her, you may leave.
  6. You’re not an instructor. (Unless you are)
    1. Leave the instructing to the instructors (if they are teaching)
    2. Please instruct those you feel may need it if an instructor does not see it. (Tell the instructor if unsafe actions are seen)
  7. Phone First
    1. We will do what we can to meet the demand. So Please let us know you’re interested.
    2. If you arrive without Calling first, we will ask you to leave and try again tomorrow.
  8. First Come First Served
    1. We are going to start taking Names and working on schedules.
    2. If you procrastinate, please don’t be upset with us when you’re #276

Take 3 Minutes and fill this out.

then send “Freedom Ranch” in the comments.

Send me an Email that you are interested.

We’ll be in touch.

~ David