Many people are surprised to know how much a tactical flashlight can do for them in terms of self-defense. It can prove useful in a variety of areas and give you an upper hand in situations when you need it most.

Although a flashlight isn’t a weapon, and is certainly less lethal than all the other tools for self-defense, it can still be useful in aiding in your self-protection should an unwanted occasion present itself.

Here are few of the overlooked advantages and benefits of tactical flashlights.

A Light in the Darkness

Without a flashlight, assailants have the shadows as an ally and can strike or sneak up on you without a moment’s notice. Whether they have a knife, gun, or closed fist is entirely at their discretion. This not a risk you want to take. A tactical flashlight is a military grade flashlight that is smaller than regular ones, but emits much more light.

A tactical flashlight can prove invaluable in terms of helping to identify threats, especially in low light areas where a normal flashlight may not have the needed intensity. A normal flashlight will also do next to nothing when beamed into the face of an assailant, but get one of these tactical LEDs in their eyes and you’ve got 120+ lumens pulsating through their pupils to produce a blinding effect.

Some of these lights can also have a strobe effect that can create significant orientation to the sight and senses of an attacker.

Your Most Underrated Partner in Self-Defense

Did you know that tactical flashlights can be confiscated by the TSA as they deem them to be striking weapons? They can strike, hard. Tactical flashlights serve the purpose of self-defense in two ways. They can be used as a blunt object or they can enhance the use of other weapons.

Tactical flashlights can have a serrated or toothed bezel. A bezel is the rim of the flashlight.

This is made so that they can break windows and perform other tasks where force is needed. It can also be used to clock an assailant across the head. They are used to help someone see with a knife or a hand gun in a low-light area, in addition.

Take for instance a situation where the power or lights go out and there is an active shooter or knife-wielding attacker in the room. This can certainly prove advantageous for you and help protect you as well as others.

Venturing Toward the Unknown

Tactical flashlights can also provide utility and safety when you’re out in the wilderness. This could prove very useful when camping or boating as a tactical flashlight can help you find shelter, and ward off animals that may prey in the dark.

They can be used especially in hard to reach areas such as behind trees, bushes, or even a TV setup at home.

There are more advantages to having a tactical flashlight in your inventory. The main advantage to having one is that it makes any environment favorable to you.

Whether in danger, desperation, or in defense of one’s life, a tactical flashlight can make a world of difference in facing whatever the world may throw your way.

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