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5 benefits of surveillance systems

Deter and reduce theft, loss and vandalism

When properly placed, security and surveillance systems can help deter and reduce theft, loss and vandalism. According to a recent Harvard study, knowing that crimes will be punished, people will act differently and self-censor when surveillance is in use — a basic psychological reaction of human conditioning.

Protect your business

When you are not physically at your business, how do you know what really goes on when you can’t see it for yourself? Security cameras are one of the best ways to deter crime and keep you informed.

Security cameras can monitor stock rooms, keeping a watchful eye when chemicals are being replaced, for instance. Cameras in these often isolated locations can also increase employee safety when they are working alone, away from the main hub of the business.

Reduce insurance costs

A video security system can save your business money in multiple ways. “In addition to preventing loss of property and cash, cameras can help prevent acts of theft and vandalism by outside individuals, which would require reimbursement payouts from your insurance company,” according to Ray.

In a recent study, the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud found that New Yorkers allegedly made $31 million of false slip-and-fall claims.4 Consumers who file false claims can cost tens of thousands of dollars in claims against a business’s general liability insurance policy. In order to save on insurance costs, business owners can use surveillance cameras as preventative methods to stop theft and falsified injuries. Some insurance companies offer insurance discounts for security and prevention devices.

Avoid lawsuits

Business operators often need to refute false claims of vehicle damage or bogus claims by individuals who allegedly have slip-and-fall accidents. Video surveillance systems that record all actions inside the wash can provide proof that the claim may have been falsified, negating that fraudulent lawsuit and dismissing the claim.

Improve employee productivity

Do you ever wonder what your employees are doing (or not doing) when you’re not around? If you are not physically present at your business, video surveillance can be an easy and effective way to monitor on-the-job employee conduct. Have you noticed that productivity decreases late in the afternoon? It might be worth it to know if employees are actually returning to work to finish their shift. Properly placed cameras can help you keep track of how often your employees leave the building, how long they’re gone and when they return from break.

Employees neglecting to perform their work duties can also take other forms, such as unproductive work habits. Cell phones provide access to social media, for example, and should not be accessed while on the clock.

If you are just starting to investigate security and surveillance systems or add on to an existing security plan, remember that preventative measures are much less expensive in the long run than lawsuits or claims that cannot be properly refuted.