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  • Description


    The ASP LeverLoc Baton is the most technically advanced impact weapon currently available to law enforcement personnel. Four internal levers assure extension. Lockout is positive and stable. Eccentric retention grooves allow opposing locking lugs to cam free and close the baton with a simple twist.


    Elegantly simple. Incredibly strong. Easily carried. Rapidly deployed. A new twist for retraction. A new standard for convenience. Four heat treated levers assure extension. Two sets of opposing internal lugs provide a positive lockout. A design that is both stable and secure. A baton that is both effortless and effective. Eccentric retention grooves allow opposing locking lugs to cam free. The baton is closed with a simple twist. Forged from 4140 steel. Compatible with all existing ASP Baton caps and accessories. Fits all Tactical Baton scabbards. The LeverLoc Baton retains all that you have come to expect from ASP. Premium materials, exceptional workmanship, flawless function. This is a baton that combines an incredible psychological deterrence with unparalleled control potential. Quality, durability and performance in every detail.

    Technical Information

    Expandable: Yes
    Locking Mechanism: LEVERLOC
    Expanded Overall Length: 21″
    Baton Tip: Standard Ball
    Material: Steel