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    The HEATWAVE Dog Walkers Kit is Perfect when out Walking the Dog in the Evening or at Night.

    Kit Number: HW-DWK


    Heatwave Velcro Strap Pepper Spray.

    Carrying this powerful self defense spray is one of the best ways to protect yourself from being attacked by an assailant. This pepper spray is made from super hot cayenne peppers that will burn and sting anyone it touches. This spray has an amazing 8 to 10 foot effective distance and each canister holds about 8 one-second shots.One quick spray from this 1/2 ounce unit will stop a criminal instantly and protect you from becoming the victim of an assault.

    18% Red Pepper 5% Black Pepper for a Total of 23% OC 1/2 OZ Pepper Spray
    8 – 10 Ft. Range
    Proudly Made in the U.S.A.

    Pet Safety Light.

    The Bright LED Light will keep your dog highley Visable in low light and keeo them safe.

    Clip on Attachment
    Flashing LED Light
    Blue and Yellow for High Visibility
    Batteries Including