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    Designed for law enforcement. This Snap Gun makes picking pin tumbler locks easy. Unlike conventional hand picks that activate only one or two cylinder pins, this tool is designed to span all the pins at once. Comes complete with 3 stainless steel needles and tension wrench.

    We feel that this is the finest pick gun available today. This pick gun can be used to open most pin tumbler locks. It can work as fast as 2 seconds to a few minutes. Some beginners report that it takes time to learn how to use this tool, but as the more they practice the faster they are able to open the lock. This pick gun is an excellent value. It carries a lifetime warranty through BROCKHAGE and it carries the quality associated with all BROCKHAGE products.

    Convienent Snap Gun
    Includes Tension Wrench
    Limited Warrenty

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    8.2 oz
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