MAJESTIC ~ MEX-4 ~ 4 piece BROKEN KEY EXTRACTOR Set ~ Metal Handles

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    Many professional locksmiths won’t leave the house without a broken key retrieval tool or, if they’re really prepared, a broken key extractor kit. You don’t have to be a locksmith to know that a key that has snapped off in a lock can really ruin your day, though, and some law enforcement officers, military professionals and property managers understand the value of having tools on-hand to deal with problems like these.

    We carry a great broken key extractor set that includes four tools made of hard, thin spring steel with teeth that provide a spectacular grip. Having this kit handy can prevent you from calling a locksmith and save you the associated fees, as well. This broken key extractor set is a must-have, particularly for property managers and other professionals who deal with multiple keys and multiple locks on a frequent basis.

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