SOUTHORD ~ PXS-17 ~ 17 piece Lock Pick Set ~ Metal Handles (Copy)

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    One of the finest standard lock pick sets available, the SouthOrd PXS-17 is a top quality set designed for professional locksmiths. The kit comes with standard picks, which don’t have individual metal casings on the handles; instead, there’s a precision metal cast handle that you can switch between picks as necessary.

    The PXS-17 comes with everything you need to pick any pin-tumbler lock. That means doorknob locks, deadbolts and vehicle locks don’t stand a chance. This kits 17 pieces (made of Full Hard Spring Stainless Steel) even includes the tools you need for picking some padlocks, which makes it the perfect thing to have on-hand in an emergency. Whether you’re just starting out as a locksmith or you have plenty of experience, the rugged durability of this set makes it the ideal choice. This lock pick set comes in a rugged, zippered leather case for easy carrying, protection and storage. Hone your new skills on our practice and cutaway locks.

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